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SEC Filings

OREXIGEN THERAPEUTICS, INC. filed this Form 10-Q on 05/12/2017
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patients to evaluate the safety and efficacy of Contrave for weight management in pediatric populations and a group of short-term trials, including a thorough QT study, single-dose pharmacokinetic studies in renal and hepatic impairment, and a drug-drug interaction study. Finally, although FDA approval of Contrave was based in part on 25% interim analysis data from the Light Study, which was terminated in May 2015 and which evaluated the CV safety of Contrave, the FDA determined that the Light Study would not satisfy a post-marketing requirement related to CV outcomes.  As a result, the FDA is requiring us to conduct a new placebo-controlled CVOT, with a pre-specified goal to exclude a hazard ratio of 1.4, with the upper bound of the 95% confidence interval. A CVOT, which we refer as the CONVENE trial, was initiated by Takeda in February 2016, with the final study results originally expected to be available by January 2022. However, following the termination of our collaboration with Takeda, we determined that the transfer of the recently-initiated, multi-year CONVENE trial to us from Takeda would have involved substantial complexity due to the scope, size and nature of the trial. After a careful assessment, we determined that the transfer of current clinical trial operations and systems may result in a significant interruption to study conduct and possibly data integrity.  As a result, Takeda terminated the CONVENE trial in April 2016. We notified the clinical trial sites and the FDA of the decision to terminate the CONVENE trial and we expect to finalize a revised protocol and plan to start a new CVOT under our IND after conferring with the FDA.  We cannot assure you that a new CVOT will satisfy the FDA’s post-marketing requirements related to CV outcomes or that the FDA will not require us to conduct additional studies during or after the new CVOT.  Any issues relating to these restrictions or post-marketing requirements (including any additional studies which the FDA may require or a delay in conducting the post-marketing required studies) could have an adverse impact on our ability to achieve market acceptance of or continue marketing Contrave in the United States and to generate revenue from its sale in the United States. To the extent that Contrave is approved for sale in other countries in addition to the United States, the European Economic Area and South Korea, we may be subject to similar restrictions and requirements imposed by laws and government regulators in those countries.

Contrave will also be subject to ongoing requirements established by the FDA and other regulatory authorities in the EU and elsewhere governing the manufacturing, labeling, packaging, storage, advertising, promotion, recordkeeping and submission of safety and other post-market information, including, among other things, information related to the stability and consistency and reliability of the quality of Contrave (e.g. strength, purity and potency). These requirements include, among other things, submissions of safety and other post-marketing information and reports, registration, as well as continued compliance with current good manufacturing practice, or cGMP, regulations and good clinical practice, or GCP, requirements and related requirements in the EU and elsewhere for any clinical trials that we conduct post-approval.

Approved products, manufacturers and manufacturers’ facilities are subject to continual review and periodic inspections. Later discovery of previously unknown problems with a product, such as adverse events of unanticipated severity or frequency, problems with the facility where the product is manufactured, or failure to comply with regulatory requirements, may result in, among other things, restrictions on that product or on us or a partner, including:


withdrawal of the product from the market or voluntary or mandatory product recalls;


warning letters or untitled letters;


civil or criminal penalties, including fines;


withdrawal of regulatory approval;


suspension of any ongoing clinical trials;


refusal by the FDA or other regulatory authorities to approve pending applications or supplements to approved applications filed by us, or suspension or revocation of product approvals;


restrictions on operations, including restrictions on the marketing or manufacturing of the product or the imposition of costly new manufacturing requirements; or


seizure or detention, or refusal to permit the import or export of products.

In addition, the policies of the FDA and other regulatory authorities in the EU and elsewhere may change and additional government regulations may be enacted that could impact the marketing of Contrave/Mysimba. If we are slow or unable to adapt to changes in existing requirements or the adoption of new requirements or policies, or if we are not able to maintain regulatory compliance, we may lose any marketing approval that we may have obtained in the United States, Europe and elsewhere, which would adversely affect our business, prospects and ability to achieve or sustain profitability.