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SEC Filings

OREXIGEN THERAPEUTICS, INC. filed this Form S-1/A on 02/16/2007
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     4.1 Eligibility. Each Eligible Individual shall be eligible to be granted one or more Awards pursuant to the Plan.
     4.2 Participation. Subject to the provisions of the Plan, the Committee may, from time to time, select from among all Eligible Individuals, those to whom Awards shall be granted and shall determine the nature and amount of each Award. No Eligible Individual shall have any right to be granted an Award pursuant to the Plan.
     4.3 Foreign Participants. In order to assure the viability of Awards granted to Participants employed in foreign countries, the Committee may provide for such special terms as it may consider necessary or appropriate to accommodate differences in local law, tax policy, or custom. Moreover, the Committee may approve such supplements to, or amendments, restatements, or alternative versions of, the Plan as it may consider necessary or appropriate for such purposes without thereby affecting the terms of the Plan as in effect for any other purpose; provided, however, that no such supplements, amendments, restatements, or alternative versions shall increase the limitations on the number of shares of Stock (a) issued or transferred pursuant to Awards under the Plan, as detailed in Section 3.1, and (b) issued or transferred pursuant to Awards granted to any one Participant during any fiscal year of the Company, as detailed in Section 3.3 of the Plan. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Committee may not take any actions hereunder, and no Awards shall be granted, that would violate the Exchange Act, the Code, any securities law or governing statute or any other applicable law.
     5.1 General. The Committee is authorized to grant Options to Participants on the following terms and conditions:
          (a) Exercise Price. The exercise price per share of Stock subject to an Option shall be determined by the Committee and set forth in the Award Agreement; provided that the exercise price for any Option shall not be less than 100% of the Fair Market Value of a share of Stock on the date of grant.
          (b) Time and Conditions of Exercise. The Committee shall determine the time or times at which an Option may be exercised in whole or in part. The Committee shall also determine the performance or other conditions, if any, that must be satisfied before all or part of an Option may be exercised.
          (c) Payment. The Committee shall determine the methods by which the exercise price of an Option may be paid, the form of payment, including, without limitation: (i) cash, (ii) shares of Stock held for such period of time as may be required by the Committee in order to avoid adverse accounting consequences and having a Fair Market Value on the date of delivery equal to the aggregate exercise price of the Option or exercised portion thereof, or (iii)