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SEC Filings

OREXIGEN THERAPEUTICS, INC. filed this Form S-1/A on 04/09/2007
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      DUKE PATENT RIGHTS, and shall not abandon prosecution of any DUKE PATENT RIGHTS or any of the claims of the DUKE PATENT RIGHTS without first notifying DUKE in a timely manner of OREXIGEN’s intention and reason therefore, and providing DUKE with reasonable opportunity to assume responsibility for prosecution and maintenance of the appertaining DUKE PATENT RIGHTS (which thereafter shall be subject to the provisions of Section 6.02(b) as regards status as DUKE PATENT RIGHTS and DUKE LICENSED PRODUCTS, DUKE LICENSED PROCESSES, and DUKE LICENSED SERVICES and OREXIGEN’s rights therein). All decisions with respect to the prosecution of the DUKE PATENT RIGHTS by OREXIGEN pursuant to this Section 6.01(a) shall be made by OREXIGEN, subject to the approval of DUKE which approval shall not be unreasonably withheld or delayed. OREXIGEN’s obligations under this Section 6.01(a) shall include, without limitation, an obligation to inform DUKE in a timely manner (no less than [***] ([***]) days prior to the appertaining filing deadlines) that OREXIGEN will not pursue patents in any non-US country so that DUKE may pursue such patents if it so desires in which case from the date of such filing of such patent applications by DUKE shall not be considered DUKE PATENT RIGHTS and OREXIGEN shall be deemed to have forfeited all rights under this AGREEMENT to such patent applications and resulting patents. (APPENDIX A shall be deemed to be so amended.) For avoidance of doubt, it is understood that OREXIGEN shall assume direct and full responsibility for payment of expenses it incurs as a result of its assumption of responsibility for prosecution of DUKE PATENT RIGHTS under this Section 6.01(a).
  (b)   OREXIGEN will control, and be responsible for, all filings, prosecution, and maintenance of the OREXIGEN PATENT RIGHTS. It is understood and acknowledged that OREXIGEN may use the DUKE DATA to support OREXIGEN PATENT RIGHTS, including, but not limited to the OREXIGEN PROVISIONAL and that Dr. Gadde shall be identified as a co-inventor of the OREXIGEN PROVISIONAL and such other patent filings relating to or corresponding with the OREXIGEN PROVISIONAL and other OREXIGEN PATENT RIGHTS for which Dr. Gadde is an inventor in accordance with appertaining patent law/regulations regarding inventorship. It is understood and acknowledged that DUKE shall be a co-owner of those OREXIGEN PATENT RIGHTS for which Dr. Gadde is an inventor and OREXIGEN shall take appropriate and necessary steps to effect such co-ownership. OREXIGEN shall keep DUKE advised as to the status of the OREXIGEN PATENT RIGHTS by providing to DUKE, in a timely manner, with copies of all official documents and correspondence relating to the prosecution, maintenance, and validity of the OREXIGEN PATENT RIGHTS. DUKE shall be offered the opportunity to make suggestions regarding the prosecution and