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SEC Filings

OREXIGEN THERAPEUTICS, INC. filed this Form S-1/A on 04/09/2007
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                    (ii) During the period starting with the date thirty (30) days prior to the Company’s good faith estimate of the date of filing of, and ending on a date 90 days after the effective date of a registration subject to Section 1.3 hereof (unless such registration is the Company’s initial public offering of its securities, in which event ending on a date 180 days after such effective date); provided that the Company is actively employing in good faith all reasonable efforts to cause such registration statement to become effective; or
                    (iii) If the Initiating Holders propose to dispose of shares of Registrable Securities that may be immediately registered on Form S-3 pursuant to a request made pursuant to Section 1.11 below.
          1.3 Company Registration. If (but without any obligation to do so) the Company proposes to register (including for this purpose a registration effected by the Company for stockholders other than the Holders) any of its stock or other securities under the Act in connection with the public offering of such securities solely for cash (other than (i) a registration relating solely to the sale of securities to participants in a Company stock option plan or stock purchase plan, (ii) a registration on any form which does not include substantially the same information as would be required to be included in a registration statement covering the sale of the Registrable Securities or (iii) a registration in which the only Common Stock being registered is Common Stock issuable upon conversion of debt securities which are also being registered or (iv) an SEC Rule 145 transaction), the Company shall, at such time, promptly give each Holder of shares of Registrable Securities, written notice of such registration. Upon the written request of a Holder of shares of Registrable Securities, given within twenty (20) days after receipt of such notice by the Company in accordance with Section 4.5, the Company shall, subject to the provisions of Section 1.8, use its best efforts to cause to be registered under the Act all of the Registrable Securities that each such Holder has requested to be registered.
          1.4 Obligations of the Company. Whenever required under this Section 1 to effect the registration of any Registrable Securities, the Company shall, as expeditiously as reasonably possible:
               (a) Prepare and file with the SEC a registration statement with respect to such Registrable Securities and use its best efforts to cause such registration statement to become effective, and keep such registration statement effective for a period of up to one hundred twenty (120) days or until the distribution contemplated in the Registration Statement has been completed; provided, however, that such one hundred twenty (120) day period shall be extended for a period of time equal to the period the Holder refrains from selling any securities included in such registration at the request of the Company or an underwriter of Common Stock (or other securities) of the Company.
               (b) Prepare and file with the SEC such amendments and supplements to such registration statement and the prospectus used in connection with such registration statement as may be necessary to comply with the provisions of the Act with respect to the disposition of all securities covered by such registration statement.
               (c) Furnish to the Holders such numbers of copies of a prospectus, including a preliminary prospectus, in conformity with the requirements of the Act, and such

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