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SEC Filings

OREXIGEN THERAPEUTICS, INC. filed this Form S-1/A on 04/09/2007
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the Company effect a registration on Form S-3 and any related qualification or compliance with respect to all or a part of the Registrable Securities owned by such Holder or Holders, the Company will:
               (a) promptly give written notice of the proposed registration, and any related qualification or compliance, to all other Holders; and
               (b) use its best efforts to effect, as soon as practicable, such registration and all such qualifications and compliances as may be so requested and as would permit or facilitate the sale and distribution of all or such portion of such Holder’s or Holders’ Registrable Securities as are specified in such request, together with all or such portion of the Registrable Securities of any other Holder or Holders joining in such request as are specified in a written request given within 15 days after receipt of such written notice from the Company; provided, however, that the Company shall not be obligated to effect any such registration, qualification or compliance, pursuant to this Section 1.11: (1) if Form S-3 is not available for such offering by the Holders; (2) if the participating Holders, together with the holders of any other securities of the Company entitled to inclusion in such registration, propose to sell Registrable Securities and such other securities (if any) at an anticipated aggregate price to the public (net of any underwriters’ discounts or commissions) of less than $1,000,000; (3) if the Company shall furnish to the Holders a certificate signed by the Chief Executive Officer of the Company stating that in the good faith judgment of the Board of Directors of the Company, it would be seriously detrimental to the Company and its stockholders for such Form S-3 Registration to be effected at such time, in which event the Company shall have the right to defer the filing of the Form S-3 registration statement for a period of not more than sixty (60) days after receipt of the request of the Holder or Holders under this Section 1.11; provided, however, that the Company shall not utilize this right more than once in any twelve (12) month period; (4) if the Company has, within the twelve (12) month period preceding the date of such request, already effected two registrations on Form S-3 for the Holders pursuant to this Section 1.11; or (5) in any particular jurisdiction in which the Company would be required to qualify to do business or to execute a general consent to service of process in effecting such registration, qualification or compliance unless the Company is already subject to service in such jurisdiction and except as may be required by the Act.
               (c) Subject to the foregoing, the Company shall file a registration statement covering the Registrable Securities and other securities so requested to be registered as soon as practicable after receipt of the request or requests of the Holders. All expenses incurred in connection with a registration requested pursuant to Section 1.11, including (without limitation) all registration, filing, qualification, printer’s and accounting fees, reasonable fees and expenses for one special counsel for the Holders associated with Registrable Securities (such special counsel to be selected by a majority in interest of the Holders requesting such registration) and the fees and disbursements of counsel for the Company, but excluding any underwriters’ discounts or commissions shall be borne by the Company. Registrations effected pursuant to this Section 1.11 shall not be counted as demands for registration or registrations effected pursuant to Sections 1.2 or 1.3, respectively.
               (d) The Company shall not be obligated to effect any registration pursuant to this Section 1.11 if the Company delivers to the Holders requesting registration under

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