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SEC Filings

OREXIGEN THERAPEUTICS, INC. filed this Form S-1/A on 04/09/2007
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     1. Grant of Option. Orexigen Therapeutics, Inc., a Delaware corporation (the “Company”), hereby grants to «Optionee» (“Optionee”), an option (the “Option”) to purchase the total number of shares of Common Stock (the “Shares”) set forth in the Notice of Stock Option Grant (the “Notice”), at the exercise price per Share set forth in the Notice (the “Exercise Price”) subject to the terms, definitions and provisions of the Orexigen Therapeutics, Inc. 2004 Stock Plan (the “Plan”) adopted by the Company, which is incorporated in this Agreement by reference. Unless otherwise defined in this Agreement, the terms used in this Agreement shall have the meanings defined in the Plan.
     2. Designation of Option. This Option is intended to be an Incentive Stock Option as defined in Section 422 of the Code only to the extent so designated in the Notice, and to the extent it is not so designated or to the extent the Option does not qualify as an Incentive Stock Option, it is intended to be a Nonstatutory Stock Option.
     Notwithstanding the above, if designated as an Incentive Stock Option, in the event that the Shares subject to this Option (and all other Incentive Stock Options granted to Optionee by the Company or any Parent or Subsidiary, including under other plans of the Company) that first become exercisable in any calendar year have an aggregate fair market value (determined for each Share as of the date of grant of the option covering such Share) in excess of $100,000, the Shares in excess of $100,000 shall be treated as subject to a Nonstatutory Stock Option, in accordance with Section 5(c) of the Plan.
     3. Exercise of Option. This Option shall become exercisable during its term in accordance with the Vesting Schedule set out in the Notice and with the provisions of Section 10 of the Plan as follows:
          (a) Right to Exercise.
               (i) The Option may only be exercised to the extent it has become vested.
               (ii) This Option may not be exercised for a fraction of a share.
               (iii) In the event of Optionee’s death, disability or other termination of employment, the exercisability of the Option is governed by Section 5 below, subject to the limitations contained in this Section 3.
               (iv) In no event may this Option be exercised after the Expiration Date of the Option as set forth in the Notice.