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OREXIGEN THERAPEUTICS, INC. filed this Form S-1/A on 04/09/2007
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     9. Effect of Agreement. Optionee acknowledges receipt of a copy of the Plan and represents that he or she is familiar with the terms and provisions thereof (and has had an opportunity to consult counsel regarding the Option terms), and hereby accepts this Option and agrees to be bound by its contractual terms as set forth herein and in the Plan. Optionee hereby agrees to accept as binding, conclusive and final all decisions and interpretations of the Plan Administrator regarding any questions relating to the Option. In the event of a conflict between the terms and provisions of the Plan and the terms and provisions of the Notice and this Agreement, the Plan terms and provisions shall prevail. The Option, including the Plan, constitutes the entire agreement between Optionee and the Company on the subject matter hereof and supersedes all proposals, written or oral, and all other communications between the parties relating to such subject matter.
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