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OREXIGEN THERAPEUTICS, INC. filed this Form S-1/A on 04/09/2007
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     This Agreement (“Agreement”) is made as of ___, by and between Orexigen Therapeutics, Inc., a Delaware corporation (the “Company”), and «Optionee» (“Purchaser”). To the extent any capitalized terms used in this Agreement are not defined, they shall have the meaning ascribed to them in the Company’s 2004 Stock Plan (the “Plan”).
     1. Exercise of Option. Subject to the terms and conditions hereof, Purchaser hereby elects to exercise his or her option to purchase «NoofShares» shares of the Common Stock (the “Shares”) of the Company under and pursuant to the Plan and the Stock Option Agreement granted «GrantDate», (the “Option Agreement”). Of these Shares, Purchaser has elected to purchase                      of those Shares which have become vested as of the date hereof under the Vesting Schedule set forth in the Notice of Stock Option Grant. The purchase price for the Shares shall be «ExercisePrice» per Share for a total purchase price of $                    . The term “Shares” refers to the purchased Shares and all securities received in replacement of the Shares or as stock dividends or splits, all securities received in replacement of the Shares in a recapitalization, merger, reorganization, exchange or the like, and all new, substituted or additional securities or other properties to which Purchaser is entitled by reason of Purchaser’s ownership of the Shares.
     2. Time and Place of Exercise. The purchase and sale of the Shares under this Agreement shall occur at the principal office of the Company simultaneously with the execution and delivery of this Agreement in accordance with the provisions of Section 3(b) of the Option Agreement. On such date, the Company will deliver to Purchaser a certificate representing the Shares to be purchased by Purchaser (which shall be issued in Purchaser’s name) against payment of the exercise price therefor by Purchaser by any method listed in Section 4 of the Option Agreement.
     3. Limitations on Transfer. In addition to any other limitation on transfer created by applicable securities laws, Purchaser shall not assign, encumber or dispose of any interest in the Shares except in compliance with the provisions below and applicable securities laws.
          (a) Right of First Refusal. Before any Shares held by Purchaser or any transferee of Purchaser (either being sometimes referred to herein as the “Holder”) may be sold or otherwise transferred (including transfer by gift or operation of law), the Company or its assignee(s) shall have a right of first refusal to purchase the Shares on the terms and conditions set forth in this Section 3(a) (the “Right of First Refusal”).
               (i) Notice of Proposed Transfer. The Holder of the Shares shall deliver to the Company a written notice (the “Notice”) stating: (i) the Holder’s bona fide