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SEC Filings

OREXIGEN THERAPEUTICS, INC. filed this Form S-1/A on 04/09/2007
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Federal Estate Tax
Common stock held by an individual non-U.S. holder at the time of death will be included in such holder’s gross estate for U.S. federal estate tax purposes, unless an applicable estate tax treaty provides otherwise.
Backup Withholding and Information Reporting
Generally, we must report annually to the IRS the amount of dividends paid, the name and address of the recipient, and the amount, if any, of tax withheld, together with other information. A similar report is sent to the holder. These information reporting requirements apply even if withholding was not required because the dividends were effectively connected dividends or withholding was reduced or eliminated by an applicable tax treaty. Pursuant to tax treaties or other agreements, the IRS may make its reports available to tax authorities in the recipient’s country of residence.
Backup withholding (currently at a rate of 28%) will generally not apply to payments of dividends made by us or our paying agents, in their capacities as such, to a non-U.S. holder if the holder has provided certification that it is not a United States person (on the forms described above) or has otherwise established an exemption, provided we or the paying agent have no actual knowledge or reason to know that the beneficial owner is a United States person.
Payments of the proceeds from a disposition effected outside the United States by a non-U.S. holder made by or through a foreign office of a broker generally will not be subject to information reporting or backup withholding. However, information reporting (but generally not backup withholding) will apply to such a payment if the broker is a United States person, a controlled foreign corporation for U.S. federal income tax purposes, a foreign person 50% or more of whose gross income is effectively connected with a U.S. trade or business for a specified three year period, or a foreign partnership if (i) at any time during its tax year, one or more of its partners are United States persons who, in the aggregate, hold more than 50 percent of the income or capital interest in such partnership or (ii) at any time during its tax year, it is engaged in the conduct of a trade or business in the United States, unless an exemption is otherwise established, provided that the broker has no knowledge or reason to know that the beneficial owner is a United States person.
Payment of the proceeds from a disposition by a non-U.S. holder of common stock made by or through the U.S. office of a broker is generally subject to information reporting and backup withholding unless the non-U.S. holder certifies as to its non-U.S. holder status under penalties of perjury or otherwise establishes an exemption from information reporting and backup withholding, provided that the broker has no knowledge or reason to know that the beneficial owner is a United States person.
Backup withholding is not an additional tax. Any amounts withheld under the backup withholding rules may be allowed as a refund or a credit against a non-U.S. holder’s U.S. federal income tax liability provided the required information is furnished timely to the IRS.